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Image SEO optimization from SEO Image. We optimize your images for the web. We use speed, naming conventions and alt tags, which are all part of image optimization. No SEO service is complete without this. Here are some tips for image optimization for the do-it yourselfer...

Image optimization is an SEO ranking factor that is often overlooked. In some industries, images show up and can be great traffic drivers from search engines.

Understanding what search engines can see with images is important.

As part of an SEO service, SEO Image optimizes your images for search results and on-page ranking factors. Following are some tips that you can use to do it yourself.

1. Unique images relevant to the page they are on.

Especially good for blog and service pages. Images that relate to the content on the page have more value to your visitors. This is important for usability and SEO. When your visitors relate the image to the content, search engines will to. User intent can increase and time spent on the page will also increase. This is important for SEO.

Choose stock photo images wisely. Avoid free stock images in favor of original graphics or original photos. Edit the sizes and content if you can as search engines do scan images.

2. Use high-quality formats and modern formats like SVG and jpeg 2000

Search engines and visitors love high res images that load fast. Using modern formats will help with PageSpeed scores and can be helpful for ranking purposes.

Low-quality images will cause a bad user experience, so make sure they look good.

Image File formats you can use:
Raster formats

  • JPEG 2000
  • Exif
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • PPM, PGM, PBM, and PNM
  • WebP
  • HDR
  • HEIF
  • BAT
  • BPG

Vector formats

  • CGM
  • Gerber format (RS-274X)
  • SVG

3. Optimize the Image file size

We're in the Google mobile-first era. Not only do we see RankBrain and AI, but we're also very mobile-focused. Google will tell you that the majority of US mobile devices only get 3G despite what your mobile service provider displays. Once comment directed to us was that if our site loaded faster, we would be at an advantage over our competitors. However, when we reviewed the top ranking sites on Google's PageSpeed tools, we found that site with a 3 speed - super low, ranked #1.

We do still recommend that you work keep image file sizes optimized, use modern image compression and formats.

Pages that load slowly typically do not perform as well.

4. Use “Alt Text” for accessibility and SEO

ALT text is important for ranking images, its the text that Google reads about the content of the image. Avoid using lists of keywords that make it appear spammy and untrustworthy and focus on having a good description utilizing the topic of the image. If you want it to appear accurately in Google's image search, this is important. It also increases the quality score if your image ALT text is related to the image.

Achieving top rankings in the search results and image search results can be a complex task. SEO Image is here to help! We have ranked thousands of websites in the Top 10, and some of our clients have the most competitive terms in the world and have #1 rankings. Call 888-736-2667 fo get started.

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