Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services (LSEO)

We understand that many businesses target local search and need to have visibility for multiple regions. Targeting regional keywords can be very competitive in today's world of search. SEO Image offers proven effective local SEO services for any size business.

We feature custom packages that target local search engines as well as the big three (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). We help companies achieve uniformity to their local marketing strategies which in turn helps businesses show up higher on local search results.

From Map listings to local citations, our local SEO service is complete and will get you visibility for regional-related keywords.

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Results like this will drive customers to your site.

By default, search engines will check your location and return results related to it. The days of national rankings are changing as the number of spots becomes more limited as they are replaced with local results. It's more important than ever to have top positioning, especially in the local results which are Google My Business and Bing Places. Also termed the Local Pack or the Local 3 Pack.

What is the Local Pack?

The Local Pack is the Top 3 spots in the map results that are triggered on most business terms today and typically above the organic results. Some organic ranking factors come into play for the local positions.

  • Top 3 map spots
  • “Near Me” results typically trigger the local pack
  • Highlights a business and its reviews. Making Reputation Management a necessity
  • Also, gets you listed in some navigational apps

Search results get more granular and they try to predict what searchers are looking for, this makes it prime real estate. You also need a legitimate address, so it cuts down on spam. Since many businesses aren't targeting it aggressively, Now is the best time to hire an SEO company like SEO Image and get local rankings. Call 888-736-2667

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO (LSEO) is optimizing a website's business address and information on the search engines. It's the process of ranking for local and regional keywords that contain a region or very competitive terms that do not have a region, but are local businesses.

There are several SEO strategies that help sites rank locally and gain and maintain local pack rankings.

Why Do You Need Local SEO?

The benefits of using a local SEO company include:

  • Professional Results – Gain high visibility quickly when you use a local SEO expert.
  • Increased ROI – It's like a product in a shopping cart except its a business. People coming already saw reviews on you.
  • Branding & Reputation – Even if you don't get a click, you can still brand yourself as all traffic will have to scroll past these results. If you rank organically under the maps as well, then you get more real estate in the search results. This can double traffic.
  • Traffic – Local pack rankings drive in traffic, especially in certain industries like medical professionals. Some of our clients get far more traffic from the Local pack ranking than from organic results under them. Face it, you outrank the local results.

Why Do You Need a Local SEO Company?

Why hire a local SEO company? Here are a few great reasons for hiring an LSEO Agency:

  • You tried and cannot get any traffic
  • Your too busy to do it yourself
  • You want to invest in long-term results
  • You have multiple offices that all need visibility
  • You serve local customers
  • You want more customers
  • You want people to find you from navigation apps

What's Involved In A Local SEO Service?

  • Keyword Research with regional data
  • Building Social And Business Citations
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Google My Business Listings optimization
  • Assuring accurate data across multiple directories.
  • Creation of new business citations
  • Management and Maintenance to keep rankings up
  • Results & Reporting

Contact Us for a custom local SEO service quote based on your regions and business goals. Call 888-736-2667 or Request A Quote

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