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  • Market Share, Gain High Rankings for the Future of Your Website

    One factor in SEO is what we now call “Market Share”. This term, coined at NYC Search Engine Strategies conference in 2006, is about how important the anchor text is when a website is first born. This means that the way we link to a site can outweigh what is on the site, the real […]
  • Google – SEOs Fix the bugs Google can’t

    Like it or not the World’s most popular Search Engine is old and has bugs. Since 1998 Google has been unable to fix its weak canonical handling and 302 hijacks that actually deteriorate website rankings if not found.
  • Specialty SEO Firms that own your SEO

    This is a topic I will discuss choosing the right SEO Company. We took on a client in the Legal industry that hired a “Specialty” Legal Search Engine Optimization Firm. The company only worked for sites in this specific industry. Apparently, this company had owned its clients’ SEO and used techniques that banned other SEO […]
  • FireFox 2 – Light Speed Ahead for SEO’s on a Mac

    Editor’s Note: This is an old post: We just installed the Mac version of FireFox, and after a snail version which got hung up on every corner, we are happy to report a screaming fast version in 2.0. Firefox is screaming around every corner and appears faster than Camino, Flock, and Safari by a […]
  • The nofollow Tag – Spam Protection & PR All Wrapped Up in One.

    The notorious nofollow tag. Sometimes called the Link Condom, this tag is supposed to keep Google from passing PageRank and from following the link to give the link credit in Google’s “link Popularity” search engine. The tag is added to an HTML link tag like -a href=”link-here” rel=”nofollow”– This is what Google has asked Webmasters […]
  • SEO Conspiracy Theories & Search Engine Updates

    These are theories discussed in the offline SEO arena with several different SEOs this week. Nothing is proven, just possible theories based on experienced SEO opinions. I call them conspiracy theories because they are just that. Paranoid theories from people who see too much in the results pages of Google. These are created out of […]

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