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  • SEO Image Interview with Mr. SEO (Part 2)

    Listen to part 2 of the amazing SEO Geeks on Caffeine. Joe Balestrino, of the New York SEO Company MR. SEO, and I cover so many SEO topics and theories that even Matt may like this. We even address concerns on relevancy and the choices made by Search Engines to use when creating Search Algorithms. […]
  • Links: A Commodity to be Bought, Sold, Traded, Bartered and Penalized for…

    Never before have we been in an era where links have become a commodity. You can sell them, buy them, trade them, barter for them even try to fish for them as link bait with crazy ideas and good information. But what is the real value of a link? Should we be buying links, should […]
  • Marketing via Search Engine Strategies

    From hatbait to drinkbait, Search Engine Strategies is a marketers venue for marketing and linkbaiting. This year was no exception. It seems NYC has its reputation amongst the marketing celebrities that market themselves via SES. This year I managed to meet many of them, at least may of the bloggers. Some of the marketers in […]
  • SEO Image Interviewed by Mr. SEO – PodCast

    Mr. SEO, a New York SEO Consultant and SEO Company, has a very interesting podcast, and in my opinion, is one of the leaders and early adopters on the SEO PodCast front. Joe asked me to do a podcast which was very similar to one of the many several hour conversations that we have every […]
  • Technorati Widget – Blog Top Tags – Tagcloud

    Thanks to a new widget at Technorati, anyone can now add a tag cloud to their site, that links directly to the Technorati tag on
  • Traditional SEO vs Social Media Marketing

    One very good topic of discussion when considering the most effective campaign for a client to maximize the clients’ Return on Investment (ROI) is to determine whether to consider targeting Social Media Marketing (SMM) aka “LinkBait” or to use traditional SEO link building and advertising. With as much hype as Social Media is getting, even […]

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