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by Alan Rabinowitz

From hatbait to drinkbait, Search Engine Strategies is a marketers venue for marketing and linkbaiting. This year was no exception.

It seems NYC has its reputation amongst the marketing celebrities that market themselves via SES. This year I managed to meet many of them, at least may of the bloggers. Some of the marketers in NYC like to hide themselves away rather than socialize. I was told that only in NYC do all the private parties exist, mainly due to how the NY economy is.
This year there were too many secret parties so many of the SES celebrities were not running around. I knew some of these heavy SES celebs would be there, but some seemed just to be hiding, while others were easy to find and communicate with and often very friendly and I was happy to meet so many of the bloggers who I have been reading.

SEO Image tends to not go the route of the trade shows as the only method of marketing. Lately, however, we see these venues as being one of the best places to market at. As someone who spends a good amount of time training staff and a marketer and SEO with extremely well ranked clients past and present, I have a lot to speak about on any topic, especially after a few cups of Starbucks coffee.

Listen to me speak to hear just how much SEO stuff I can get out…

Anyway, back to the point here. SES is an excellent event to discuss SEO techniques with industry peers and meet and market to the community. Just standing at the bar brought me in contact with perspective clients and very friendly marketers who embrace other professionals.

I hung around with way too many marketers and was fortunate to make many new and old relationships stronger.

Overall, I would highly recommend that anyone who can, get themselves out to NYC SES. Even if its just to the parties at night, if you own manage or are part of an SEO firm you should be there.

One thought on “Marketing via Search Engine Strategies

  1. Bryan Miller says:

    Hey, I like your site.

    I use to be in marketing online a long time ago, got really far behind – back when we still used static pages – and just got relaunched into the new way of doing things (Web 2.0 and all that).

    I was wondering what “link bait” was. I know that probably sounds stupid, but I don’t understand what it really is.

    I stumbled on your site through technorati – I just happen to figure THAT whole thing out, too. Took me a good 3 days.

    Any advice would be awesome. You can comment back at my blog or email me at the email address I put in here.


    Much luck,

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