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  • The Google Sandbox Effect Theory

    The infamous and theoretical Google Sandbox Effect, where new domains are reported to take 9 months or longer to rank. Notice something interesting about the 9 Months? 9 Months is a life cycle of humans. We are in the womb for 9 months before we are born. Google uses this timeline in its sandbox effect […]
  • The Top 4 Age Factors for Search Engine Ranking

    Age is a very important factor in Search Engine Optimization. There are several different types of age that can play roles in how Search Engines rank websites. Knowing these factors can be helpful in determining how long it will take for a website to rank well. Keep in mind age is only part of the […]
  • Quantity vs Quality and Blog Spam or Linkbaiting for Fame

    One obvious route to fame and blog celebrity status is somewhat related to two factors, the quality of posts and the quantity of blog posting. One tends to feed more on the fact that people are always looking to aggregate news or re-syndicate content for ad purposes. The other is geared for serious readership. Looking […]
  • Increase PageRank and Quality Content Factors

    Content, considered king by some, is currently proven to impact the PageRank of a page. For instance, pages with more content and well-written content generally get a PageRank boost. If the content is original and high quality based on a “Microsoft Word-Like” word processors that Google uses, then pages gain an additional boost. If the […]
  • Why You Need to Design Sites for Search Engines – NOT Visitors

    For years we told users to design sites for their visitors and not the search engines. Today we state the opposite. We now believe it is imperative for sites that want to have top search engine rankings, to maintain proper page and navigation and website structure, so they do not get lost in the search […]
  • Industry Popularity Factors in Search Engine Ranking

    In a recent post, I discussed the topic of “Industry Popularity” as a ranking factor. In this post I will elaborate on it and how it crosses into Search Engine Optimization. Industry popularity is simply what it says, the popularity of a site in relationship to its specific industry as a whole. Part of the […]

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