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Increase PageRank and Quality Content Factors

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by Alan Rabinowitz

Content, considered king by some, is currently proven to impact the PageRank of a page. For instance, pages with more content and well-written content generally get a PageRank boost. If the content is original and high quality based on a “Microsoft Word-Like” word processors that Google uses, then pages gain an additional boost.

If the numbers of words on a page are small, then the pages seem to get less priority and are more inclined to trip the overly-aggressive duplicate content filter. So in effect, what we see as on-page content is now playing much more of an important role in the recent Google algorithm change.

I have always felt that scraper sites, and competitors that steal content, trip the duplicate content filter in a slightly different way, then when a site trips it by not having enough text.

SO, here’s what you need to think about when creating pages and growing and marketing your website:

  1. Add lots of Keyword Rich Content, keep it 100% original and well written.
  2. Constantly change some page content and add new pages regularly.
  3. On pages that have only a few paragraphs of text, re-write them add well-written text.
  4. Make pages at least 400 words (Press Release Size).
  5. Make sure your spelling and grammar pass on Microsoft Word.
  6. Build links to all pages of your site.
  7. Add a blog to get more content – feel free to spam it with a blogroll as Google loves blogrolls even if they are 100% link trades and “Friend Promoters”. We recommend you use some discretion.
  8. You can do what the professional bloggers sometimes do, and follow digg news and then write the same story (Yes, recycled content is very common and generally not considered duplicate).
  9. Make friends and market via social networks, keep your doors open to other marketers, especially experienced ones. I’m always open to new friends, it’s the smartest way to network. Feel free to add SEO Image to your network of friends or connections.
  10. Write and Blog! Google loves writers and bloggers. Try and find the time if your not a professional blogger. Keep in mind that since blogs change and archive content they tend to be less likely to hold rankings for the long term periods (they dance) compared to sites with static content.

If you utilize some of these principles, grow the content on your site, Get original content and change it so scrapper sites do not devalue your content, then you can take advantage of triggers in algorithms that place value on size and quality factors.

Just watch what happens to new pages you add that have well-written quality factors. If done right, you should see high PageRank on the next toolbar PR update.

Hopefully soon, Matt Cutts and Google will find a way to counter copyright infringement and scraper sites, from being used to hurt competitors.


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