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    • Best SEO Companies AI Generated ChatGPT

      Best SEO Companies for 2023 According to ChatGPT

      by Alan Rabinowitz


      Since every SEO seems to be enthralled by the ChatGPT app, I decided to put it to use here.

      I used the clever “outrank article” feature from Link Research Tools AIPRM – ChatGPT Prompts for SEOs Chrome Extension ( to generate an AI article that could possibly outrank one of the Top 3 articles currently ranking for the keyword “Best SEO Companies.”

      The results of the first attempt are somewhat humorous; notice the Top Companies all have Keyword Names. The first attempt is a list of company names all fictitious.


      The Top 10 Best SEO Companies of 2023

      When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to choose a company that can deliver proven results. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is the best fit for your business?

      To help you make an informed decision, we’ve evaluated the top 10 SEO companies of 2021 based on a variety of factors, including their history of success, range of services, and customer reviews.

      1. SEO Guru

      SEO Guru is a full-service SEO agency with a long track record of helping businesses improve their online presence. They offer a range of services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and technical SEO.

      One of the things that sets SEO Guru apart is their commitment to transparent communication. They provide detailed reports on their work and make it easy for clients to understand the results they’re seeing.

      2. SEO Experts

      SEO Experts is a well-respected SEO firm with a team of experienced professionals. They offer a range of services, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

      One of the things that sets SEO Experts apart is their focus on results. They use data-driven techniques to optimize their clients’ websites and track their progress.

      3. SEO Pro

      SEO Pro is a full-service SEO agency with a team of experts in various fields. They offer a range of services, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

      One of the things that sets SEO Pro apart is their focus on innovation. They are always looking for new and creative ways to help their clients improve their online presence.

      4. SEO Agency

      SEO Agency is a well-known SEO firm with a team of experienced professionals. They offer a range of services, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

      One of the things that sets SEO Agency apart is their attention to detail. They take the time to thoroughly analyze their clients’ websites and develop customized strategies to help them rank higher in search results.

      5. SEO Company

      SEO Company is a full-service SEO agency with a team of experts in various fields. They offer a range of services, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

      One of the things that sets SEO Company apart is their customer-centric approach. They take the time to understand their clients’ goals and work closely with them to achieve success.

      6. SEO Services

      SEO Services is a well-respected SEO firm with a team of experienced professionals. They offer a range of services, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

      One of the things that sets SEO Services apart is their focus on long-term results. They work with their clients to develop sustainable SEO strategies that drive traffic and sales over the long haul.

      7. SEO Firm

      SEO Firm is a full-service SEO agency with a team of experts in various fields. They offer a range of services, including on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building.

      One of the things that sets SEO Firm apart is their commitment to staying up-to


      The second version is a bit more impressive as it looks to clone the style of writing typically found on this search results. Except the length is not 3500 words like many of these poor articles that seem to rank very well currently.


      “Why We’re the Best SEO Company for Your Business”

      Are you searching for the best SEO company to help boost your online presence and drive more targeted traffic to your website? Look no further than [Our Company Name].

      With years of experience and a track record of success, we have helped numerous businesses just like yours achieve their online marketing goals. But don’t just take our word for it – here are a few reasons why we stand out as the best choice for your SEO needs.

      Comprehensive Strategy

      At [Our Company Name], we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Instead, we take the time to understand your unique business goals and target audience, and develop a customized strategy tailored to your needs.

      This includes conducting thorough keyword research to identify the terms and phrases that your potential customers are searching for, as well as analyzing the current state of your website to identify any technical SEO issues that may be holding you back.

      Our team of expert SEO professionals is well-versed in all the latest SEO trends and best practices, and we use this knowledge to develop a strategy that will drive the best results for your business.

      High-Quality Content

      One of the key components of any successful SEO strategy is high-quality content. Google’s algorithms are designed to reward websites that provide valuable, informative, and relevant content to their users.

      At [Our Company Name], we have a team of skilled copywriters who are experts at creating engaging and informative content that not only resonates with your target audience, but also helps to improve your search engine rankings.

      Whether you need blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, or any other type of content, we have the resources and expertise to deliver top-notch writing that will help drive traffic and conversions for your business.

      Data-Driven Results

      At [Our Company Name], we don’t just rely on guesswork to drive results for our clients. Instead, we use a data-driven approach to track and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

      We use a variety of tools and analytics platforms to monitor key metrics such as organic traffic, search engine rankings, and conversions. This allows us to continually optimize our strategies and make informed decisions to drive the best possible results.


      Here’s a diagram outlining the process we follow to deliver top-notch SEO services to our clients:

      graph LR
      A[Keyword Research] --> B[On-Site Optimization]
      B --> C[Content Development]
      C --> D[Link Building]
      D --> E[Reporting and Analysis]

      Trust the Experts at [Our Company Name]

      If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, look no further than [Our Company Name]. Our team of SEO experts will work with you to develop a customized strategy that drives results for your business.

      Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your online marketing goals.


    • Best Online Reputation Management Commpanies

      Best Reputation Management Companies for 2023

      by Alan Rabinowitz


      Here’s information to help you search for the best reputation management companies to manage your reputation. ORM companies are firms that specialize in helping businesses and individuals improve and protect their online reputation through an online reputation management service.

      It can be challenging to determine which reputation management company is the best. Different companies may have different approaches and strategies that may work better for some businesses or individuals than others.

      What are online reputation management services?

      Online reputation management (ORM) is a marketing service that works by monitoring and influencing the online reputation of an individual or business. ORM involves managing the content that appears in search results, social media, and other online platforms to ensure that it reflects positively on the individual or business.

      ORM services can help individuals and businesses to:

      • Monitor their online reputation: reputation management services can help you track what is being said about you or your business online and alert you to any negative comments or reviews.
      • Respond to negative comments and reviews: ORM services can help you to respond to negative comments and reviews in a timely and appropriate manner to try to mitigate the damage to your reputation and negative reviews.
      • Promote positive content: ORM services can help you to promote positive content about your business, such as press releases, blog posts, and positive customer reviews, to help improve your online reputation.
      • Remove negative content: ORM services may also be able to help you remove negative content from the internet, although this can be a complex and time-consuming process that is not always successful.
      • Review Management: ORM Services that focus on online review sites like Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc. to help manage bad reviews.

      Suppose you are considering using an ORM service. In that case, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable company with a proven track record of helping businesses and individuals manage their reputations effectively.

      What are factors to consider when choosing a reputation management company:

      • Expertise: Look for a company with a track record of success in reputation management. Look for case studies or testimonials demonstrating their ability to help clients improve their online reputation.
      • Services: Make sure the company offers the services you need. Some common services offered by reputation management companies include online reputation repair, brand management, crisis management, and social media management.
      • Cost: Consider the cost of the services offered by the company. Reputation management can be a significant investment, so it’s important to find a company that offers competitive pricing.
      • Communication: Choose a company that is responsive and communicative. A reputable reputation management company should be able to clearly explain its strategies and keep you informed about the progress of its efforts.

      It’s also a good idea to do your own research and read reviews from previous clients to get a sense of the company’s reputation and effectiveness.

      It’s difficult to recommend specific agencies as the best choice for your business or individual needs, as different companies may have different approaches and strategies that may work better for some businesses or individuals than others.

      What are the best online reputation management companies?

      1. SEO Image ( This company has been rated the best online reputation management company numerous times since 2002. One of the best for pushing down negative results. Considered the first Reputation Management agency in NY designed to promote positive reviews and online reputations.
      2. This company offers a range of services for online review cleaning, including online reputation repair, brand management, negative review management, and crisis management.
      3. BrandYourself: This company specializes in helping individuals improve and protect their online reputation. Manage your online reputation with this self-service marketing strategy. Offering services to help companies and individuals monitor your reputation. You can improve your reputation using their small business tools.
      4. This company offers various services, including online reputation repair, brand reputation, and social media management for the business owner.
      5. Rep.Agency: This company offers a range of positive reputation management services to improve your online presence, including internet reputation, online review management, brand management, and crisis management.

      It’s important to do your own research and compare the services and pricing of different reputation management firms to find the best fit for your specific needs.

      Many companies offer reputation management services in the city, and it can be difficult to include them all in a list.

      It’s essential to do your own research and compare the services and pricing of different positive online reputation companies to find the best management strategy for your specific needs. Some additional factors to consider when choosing a reputation management company in New York City include the company’s track record of success, the range of services they offer, their pricing, and their communication and responsiveness.

      You can search online directories for the best online reputation services, such as the New York City Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau, to find more companies based in New York City. You can also ask for recommendations from business associates or industry experts or read reviews from previous clients to get a sense of the reputation and effectiveness of different companies and research if they use industry best practices to ensure long-term results.

    • Tips t get 5 star reviews

      6 Online Review Tips That Will Help You Rank Higher & Get More Sales

      October 7, 2020 by Alan Rabinowitz

      The following online review tips we share with you below will help your website convert more traffic into sales.

      Sounds good, doesn’t it?

      Now with studies showing that 82% of customers read online reviews for local businesses, it’s always shocking when we come across business owners who operate without an online reviews strategy.

      And it’s true: Online reviews can make or break your business; they can determine whether new customers either buy from you or buy from your competitors.

      If you don’t know where to start, keep reading. Below we share a few helpful insights and online reviews tips that’ll help your business improve its overall online image while boosting conversion rates.

      Why Are Google Reviews Important?

      The majority of your customers are social creatures who need validation from their peer group and the general public.

      When they don’t know what to buy, they go online and look for social proof from an online community.

      Online reviews are essential for many reasons:

      Search Engines Love Online Reviews

      It’s simple: The more customer reviews your business publishes; the more search engines love you.

      Search engines want to show users what is most relevant to them.

      If your company is receiving a lot of online reviews online, that tells search engines that your business is attracting customer feedback; meaning customers have put trust in your brand.

      But this doesn’t mean that your domain will earn the top spot. Your overall reviews rating will determine whether or not you’re viewed as a trusted source online.

      Online Reviews Serves Fresh Content

      One of Google’s many algorithms is fresh content. It often ranks websites by how relevant and up-to-date they are.

      Google reviews also show that your business is still in business and is, therefore, fresh and up-to-date.

      Alongside encouraging people to review your business, you can also keep producing regular blog content on your website.

      Online Reviews Gets You On The Local Pack

      The Google Local Pack is the map section of the Google search results which is usually above the organic results.

      Google will generally show the top 3 local businesses for each query; featuring contact information and their 1-5-star ratings. Generally, the sorting of listings starts at 4.0 and higher.

      For example, if you searched for an SEO agency in NYC, the top 3 SEO agencies with Google My Business accounts nearest to you will appear in the local pack first.

      Online Reviews Make You Trustworthy

      Because people now have more options than ever before, they tend to do their homework before giving their business to a specific company.

      When you have online reviews from real customers, it shows prospective purchasers that your business is legitimate, has been validated by previous customers, and is trusted.

      Online Review Tips

      1. Sign Up For A Google My Business Account

      The first thing you want to do to increase your business reviews is to first make sure you can receive online reviews in the first place.

      For Google Reviews to be possible, your business needs to create a Google My Business account.

      The process is simple. Google even provides a guide to make sure any business owner – tech-savvy or not – can manage it.

      Once your business account is verified, any customer that is looking for your business will find all the information they need. Like the following:

      • What you offer
      • Service options
      • The address
      • Opening hours
      • Menu
      • Website
      • Phone number
      • Reviews

      It’s also worth noting that the number of online reviews and your current star rating is shown directly under your business name in the search results, which gives users an immediate first impression. A user will most likely click on a 5-star company over a 2-star company.

      1. Encourage Customer Reviews

      Most customers are aware of online reviews and that they can review businesses online; be it through Google, or another platform like Yelp.

      But most of the time, customers are not incentivized to write an online review or prompted to do so. Don’t feel ashamed to remind people that the option is there.

      It’s important not to make people feel pressured into leaving a review, but, planting the idea can be all that it takes.

      As they leave your store, or after they make an online purchase, you can say something as simple as, “thank you for your purchase, and if you’re happy with it, feel free to leave a Google Review.” See? Not complicated, not pushy, but can ultimately lead to more reviews and a higher ranking.

      3. Don’t Be Discouraged By Negative Reviews  

      The reality is, many people are going to look up your business with the sole intention of leaving an online review if they are not happy with their experience.

      That’s the nature of the beast. However, your aim should be to make sure the number of positive reviews is higher than the number of negative ones.

      Don’t be discouraged by disgruntled customers.

      Instead, use them as a learning opportunity to improve your products and services so you can prevent their issue from being one in the future.

      You can also reply to negative reviews as well, share your side of the story and give readers context.

      4. Don’t Be Fooled By All Positive Reviews

      If you’ve been looking at your competition, frustrated at how they managed to achieve a perfect star rating across hundreds of reviews, then don’t be concerned.

      According to research, a perfect score can actually decrease the trust of a business.

      It sounds strange, but with the prevalence of fake reviews, having an average score of between 4.5 to 4.7 can make your business seem more trustworthy than one that achieves a perfect 5-star rating.

      5. Reply To Google Reviews

      A Harvard Business Review study found that if business owners respond to a customer review (be it a positive or negative one), they can see a rating increase.

      Remember, you can learn a lot from all reviews that customers leave, so engaging with them on a public platform can have more of a positive impact than you might think.

      Be transparent about any mistakes you may have made, and, thank them for taking the time to leave the review.

      Ask questions if the information is unclear, and offer a solution to their problem. You can even humanize the response by putting your name at the bottom of it.

      Responding promptly is also quite important, for it shows your customer that you respect the decision they made to come forward and value what they have said.

      6. Advertise That You Have A Reviewing Platform

      If you’re struggling to drum up reviews for your Google My Business account, try positioning or marketing to your audience that your business has a reviews page.

      You don’t have to take out a full-page ad in the newspaper, but small, discrete links in emails and on your website can often be enough.

      Remember, you’re not trying to drum up a positive review, but a review in general. By providing a link for people to click, you’re making it easy for customers to leave an online review, which will help you improve your overall online imageimprove your overall online image.

    • Remote SEO Sales Job

      We’re Hiring – Remote SEO Sales – Stay Safe and Earn!

      by Alan Rabinowitz

      Stay Safe and Earn!

      We’re actively seeking a remote salesperson who has what it takes to work with small, mid, and enterprise-level businesses. Selling of SEO and Reputation Management services for one of the nationwide leaders in both services. With 18+ years of experience. Our background sells itself.

      You will be responsible for generating leads as well as working on existing leads with the sales team.

      Details can be found here:

    • SEO Image on Instagram

      by Alan Rabinowitz

      SEO Image is now on Instagram at /seoimage.

      SEO Image on Instagram

      Many thanks to the team for helping us with the account. is a WordPress image plugin (not affiliated with SEO Image) that optimizes elements of images for image search and worth a look if you use WordPress. Check out their Image SEO Guide as well. It’s worth the read and has some great info for helping you optimize your website images.

      SEO Image is not about optimizing images, although that is a ranking factor we optimize for with all our clients. We’re referring to our Brand. The SEO Image brand and motto is: Defining Your Corporate Image on the Web™. So we are using it differently.

      We have always been about branding through SEO and Online Reputation Management (ORM) hence the SEO of your business Image. Image Optimization is an important ranking factor and can be a great traffic driver when images are triggered in the search results. Also, Image search is a great traffic driver as well and for some businesses, it represents a great way to bring in relevant traffic…

      Why Optimize Your Images?

      There are numerous reasons why image optimization is important for any SEO strategy including:

      • Driving In traffic from image results
      • Helps your website scoring as a whole
      • Images can trigger for some searches and become clickthroughs and traffic
      • Elements of an image like “ALT text” impact overall rankings of pages
      • Image names correlate to site relevancy ranking factors

      So as part of any SEO campaign we typically optimize image alt tags and naming conventions to help overall SEO scoring.

      What Are Image SEO Ranking Factors?

      There are a few things you can do for images to help your image SEO:

      • Image SIze – Speed is important you need to scale your images for fast loading sites. In a day and age where speed is becoming (not yet) a significant ranking factor, we need to think ahead and make cleaner faster, more user-friendly sites. Google recommends using Imagemin to compress images. However, this requires developer expertise to use so it will not be utilized by a majority of the web until better supported. So WordPress plugins like Smush, ShortPixel, and Hummingbird will suffice.
      • Image Alt Text & Image Title – This is the invisible element designed for the visually impaired that Search Engines use for content. It also allows you to place the content of the image in the alt or “alternate text”. The title tag title=”Similar to Alt”… does the same thing but is a tool top and a long mouseover on an image will make the tooltip visible. Personally, I do not like the title tag usage in images. it is not necessary (unless the alt text is missing and you want to validate it) and not recommended by the W3C.
      • Captions or Content Around the image – Search Engines will use surrounding content as indicators of what the image may be about.
      • Image Name – simple enough? Name it appropriately and build trust by avoiding excessive use of keywords in the image name. Do not stuff it with keywords.
      • Link to Images – What!? That’s correct, multiple sites referencing an image can help it rank, links work for images too! Don’t go nuts. As it can be considered hotlinking if you reference it from another site, a direct link is different. Google does have rendering engines, however, the amount they can read in images is debatable. Good images such as infographics can get shares and links that help search engines see more value in them. Despite the lack of tools to determine social image links, ranking factors like this are helpful.
      • Format – For speed, formating can be important, and modern image formats that have little support from most image/photo/design applications are recommended for use by search engines in their speed scoring reports. Pagespeed Insights used to suggest using a format like .svg or .webp. It currently appears removed from the reporting. Modern formatting allows for Image Metadata which can also help images.
      • Schema – Schema helps search engines understand advanced layouts and since there is in fact schema for images, where appropriate, you can utilize it in BlogPosting and Article types. It is a property. Be sure you match your image SEO, so Alt Text and Object should be the same. Since Schema is not designed for Images, images are used in conjunction with other parameters, this is reserved to featured images, post images, social media images, etc. where the image is part of a specific schema, if you match your alt tags, your strengthen your SEO for keywords added. For example: <img src=”…./images/bestphotoever.jpg” alt=”Best Photo Ever”…
              "@type": "ImageObject",
              "url": "",
              "name": "Best Photo Ever",
              "description": "This is my Best Photo Ever"
      • Use an Image Sitemap – Let Search Engines know where all your images are. Sites maps ease the load on search engine spiders. This is NOT a ranking factor, sitemaps are used to help search engines and assure proper indexing of your website so we suggest you consider using them.

      According to 2017 Data from Jumpshot & Moz,2017 Data from Jumpshot & Moz, Google images represent close to 30% of online searches. So this is not an area to be missed. Optimize your images and the content that surrounds them. If you need help, hire a professional SEO Company like SEO Image!


    • Alan Rabinowitz noted Top New York Influencer 2019

      SEO Image’s Alan Rabinowitz Noted as a Top New York Influencer by Metropolitan Magazine

      by Alan Rabinowitz

      SEO Image’s CEO, Alan Rabinowitz is noted as one of the Most Influential New Yorkers by Metropolitan Magazine, In their 2019 Influencers Issue.

      Metropolitan Magazine is one of NY’s most respected luxury magazines which constantly features lifestyles of the rich and famous and hot spots and hot stars. SEO Image’s Alan Rabinowitz has been a marketing guru since the late ’90s. As a seasoned veteran of the SEO and Reputation Management services industry, Alan has helped numerous businesses and individuals gain exposure online and clean their reputations.

      Having an extensive art and design background, Alan helps them his clients understand what visitors see and how their eyes travel across websites. He utilizes this know-how, to help client websites capture more leads and sales by designing with conversion strategies in mind so that the full impact of the SEO services can be seen with constant form fills, phone calls and sales.

      Imagine having a website that has super-high conversion rates and lots of related traffic!

      Call 888-736-2667 today to get Alan and his teams, cutting-edge SEO services to help your business achieve success online. Let us use this Influencer know-how, to help your business grow.