Monthly Archives: January 2007

  • Sea Monkey – Screaming Fast Mac OS X Web Browsing

    Looks like the latest incarnation of Netscape Communicator is now on OS X under Mozilla as Sea Monkey. I am seeing speeds that seem quicker than Camino plus all the old features of communicator and the same user interface of the older browsers.
  • Google Page Rank is Gone for AOL, Digg and More!

    Google PageRank seems missing from thousands of sites, perhaps half the internet, or maybe just on sites trying to sell PageRank. I was only hoping we would also see this anomaly on the Google home Page, but Google seems to have lost some data somewhere, let’s just hope its not used to rank sites.
  • Apple’s Popularity on digg, How many digg users own a Mac?

    It seems Apple is so popular on Digg that there always seems to be a digg on Apple on the homepage of digg, at least every time I go there. Considering Macs makeup about 6% of the computer industry, I can only wonder if almost all diggers own Macs or are Diggin Macs for exposure […]
  • Recovering from a Penalized Deleted Domain

    So, you bought a domain, and it’s not showing in the Google index for anything? Ever have this happen? You added several links on high traffic sites and still not indexed. What do you do? What can happen?
  • Googie, Matt Cutts Bans Google!

    Today one of my clients emails me that no one ranks for SEO Image but there is a great alternative. Follow this link to see it: SEO Image. I immediately sent an email with new search information to all my clients and told them all their competitors are gone. They agreed to double our fees. […]
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