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Apple’s Popularity on digg, How many digg users own a Mac?

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by Alan Rabinowitz

It seems Apple is so popular on Digg that there always seems to be a digg on Apple on the homepage of digg, at least every time I go there. Considering Macs makeup about 6% of the computer industry, I can only wonder if almost all diggers own Macs or are Diggin Macs for exposure on digg, or if Macs since the iPod and Mall stores are gaining popularity.

I love my 4 Macs and have been using Macs since the Mac Plus (which I still have), I also have taken apart many macs as I used to tech them as a profession which included taking them apart and changing components. The thing is even as a Mac lover, I do not need to hear about Apple every day 20 times over. As a matter of fact, my next Mac will be bought to power both OS X and hopefully Vista or XP Pro.

As a designer and web developer a Windows machine is a necessity as Mac applications and browsers tend to fair better than IE, we need to review IE is it makes up a majority of all online users.

So how many diggers are actually on Macs? Less than 25% of the digg users according to this digg stats report.


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