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Google Page Rank is Gone for AOL, Digg and More!

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by Alan Rabinowitz

Google PageRank seems missing from thousands of sites, perhaps half the internet, or maybe just on sites trying to sell PageRank.

I was only hoping we would also see this anomaly on the Google home Page, but Google seems to have lost some data somewhere, let’s just hope its not used to rank sites.

AOL, Digg, and many other sites are PR 0 across multiple data centers, yet rankings are sustained for these PR 0 sites.

So fear not, this seems to look like a data loss which has happened on multiple domains throughout time. Sometimes this type of missing data happens during Google updates as half the internet seems lost.

We speculate that some sites may be permanently affected as this has happened to sites in the Jagger update, sometimes things just seem to disappear. Google is of course not prone to mechanical and even human error.

Hold onto your seats this will only last for a few days unless they have banned the world.

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