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Quantity vs Quality and Blog Spam or Linkbaiting for Fame

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by Alan Rabinowitz

One obvious route to fame and blog celebrity status is somewhat related to two factors, the quality of posts and the quantity of blog posting. One tends to feed more on the fact that people are always looking to aggregate news or re-syndicate content for ad purposes. The other is geared for serious readership.

Looking at the biggest bloggers (blog celebrities) that syndicate over 10 posts a day and comparing that to other sources whose staff write original content, and then of course, to smaller firms that elect a staff member or executive to post, definitely shows differences in quality and quantity.

First, quality vs. quantity. Let’s just talk about the facts. If a blog posts techy articles or search related info that was released earlier the same day or a few weeks earlier on the big news aggregators like digg or other industry blogs or the NY Times, does that offer quality?

So instead of every post being well thought out, or of industry interest as being original, we see recycled content whose goal is increasing the number of posts on their site and not, Yes I repeat NOT the quality of the posts.

Most of what I see twofold, one is for readers, the other is to try and get to the digg homepage. After all, find me an SEO blogger who does not talk about digg and Social Media Marketing, and I’ll buy them an iPod. Half the content out there is built for digg in hopes that it will get Dugg and then links from blogs will follow. Half is recycled for getting content for advertising purposes and traffic.

So the question here is the content being created for digg as linkbait even worth the digg? Are numerous posts hurting quality and causing traffic? Is quality being hurt in exchange for quantity and traffic generation?

Take a step back and look at what is going on in the name of SEO and blogging and some is exceptional, the rest is needing another supplemental blog index.


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