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SEO Image Interview with Mr. SEO (Part 2)

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by Alan Rabinowitz

Listen to part 2 of the amazing SEO Geeks on Caffeine. Joe Balestrino, of the New York SEO Company MR. SEO, and I cover so many SEO topics and theories that even Matt may like this. We even address concerns on relevancy and the choices made by Search Engines to use when creating Search Algorithms. I brag a bit in a vague fashion and offer some advice that can help anyone as they are presented in an educational fashion.

From conspiracy theories to industry data concepts in ranking, our conversations cover many different SEO topics. My sense of humor is usually picked up by a few people, (which means I think I’m funny) so don’t be surprised if only I laugh.

Listen at your own risk and take it from a constructive perspective and I think you’ll really like it.

I really enjoy Joe’s format, it would probably take me a few years to put his whole thing into writing as I type with one finger.

If anyone would like to book Alan for speaking or for industry-related information you can contact him via the web form. Alan has been in the Marketing and SEO industries since 1999 and in the design industry since 1991. Some of Alan’s clients include Hasbro, Marvel Comics, Paris Hilton’s Record Release Party, Harper-Collins Publishing, and many others.

Listen to the interview here…

Listen to Part 1 Here…


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