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Building Quality Content – Increases PR and Traffic

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by Alan Rabinowitz

So, you need to get traffic to your site. You need to get better PR on your internal pages…

You should mix SEO, PPC, Articles, Press Releases and Email Marketing campaigns. This not only gives multiple exposure avenues but will help get traffic quickly. Keep in mind that articles and PR are short term traffic generators so you need to be consistent with them.

We recommend you pursue well-written articles and avoid making them low quality. There are a million low-quality articles out there–ever since Matt Cutts posted that articles are a good link building tool there’s a ton of garbage now circulating for the sole purpose of links. These will be temporary as the article sites will eventually get devalued as the number of spammy articles increases.

The SE spiders are using technology that tries to judge the quality of the content (they are most likely using some kind of MS work language dictionaries and thesauruses, and the spiders will increase the PR of the page that has the better content on it. Haven’t you noticed some internal pages of sites with fresh content and quality content getting higher PR? That’s why Google likes blogs, although from a reality perspective, who cares about Joe Schmoe’s blog? We sure don’t too many duplicated news stories are prevalent in most of these blogs, but there are a few worth visiting – YES, like ours! 🙂

Syndicate the articles, and then use Press Releases that are “News Worthy.” The better the Press Releases and the more money you spend releasing it, the more teeth and traffic it will generate.

If you’re complete and focus on quality, you will get the traffic and the PageRank.