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Google Promotes Firefox Browser on its Home Page

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by Alan Rabinowitz

Google is now promoting the usage of FireFox on its home page. A trip to Google’s home page will turn up the FireFox browser showcased with a link to the download page.

Seen as a strategic move against Microsoft in the never ending battle of search engine dominance.

Since this news is everywhere we will focus this post in an editorial styled fashion.

From a marketer’s perspective, this represents the latest battle between MSN & Google in dominance of the Search Giants. Both companies looking to create products for techies that will be competitive in all arenas. From Desktop applications to operating systems, to who powers which smaller search engine.

This represents a possible acknowledgment of Google seeing MSN as a threat in multiple venues. MSN search seems to be getting a lot of good buzz in the webmaster community and they seem to accept the online marketing community quit readily. MSN seems to be trying to gain Search dominance by utilizing third party search engines the way Google had in the past.

This bring up the question as to what’s next in this battle. With press on the Google OS and Google box seeming almost abandoned, he search monsters seem to be seeking other avenues and promoting FireFox is no doubt a thorn in MSN’s side, as the browser is loved by many and offers easy programming for companies to add toolbars and extensions right into it.

FireFox is gaining popularity by designers as it supports many programming languages and javascript quite well, making it very friendly to designers.

IE 7 offers many new features as well and make it more user-friendly. However, none of these major browsers support all the features of CSS they way Apple’s Safari does including the amazing text-shadow CSS which can be seen throughout our own site if you use Safari to browse SEO Image.


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