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Google – Screw Organic, It’s All About the Ads.

GooglSearch Results All Ads Above The Fold
by Alan Rabinowitz

It may just be a test, but I think it’s the “New Google” all Paid ads above the fold. If it’s not all paid, then see my post previous post about Google organic listings being below the fold. In essence Google is making a statement which is not one that would be interpreted well…

Let me translate this for you. I would now say the Google is telling the world: “Our organic search results are low quality, please see our advertisers instead”. Sounds funny right? Well it’s more disappointing and a lower quality user experience. It appears that Google pressured the web communities for years to keep a percentage of ads below the fold and even penalized webmasters for ads above the fold. Did someone say hypocritical?

Why would they want all ads on a page and nothing else? The entire search result pages of commercial terms are flooded with Ads above the fold. This is a good user experience? Four ads in a percentage of search results. Google is basically trying to pressure you to click the paid ads. Why? Simple, their ads see less searchers then their organic listings, so it would “appear” that they are trying to increase that on commercial keywords to increase their return and force their users into paid search clicks.

There seems to be some stir in the SEO community as seen on Moz.

The fact is it’s making a bad user experience by only having paid results, or paid and map listings vs organic. Wait a minute here! Didn’t Google say User Experience is part of it’s ranking algorithm? Yes they did, at least for mobile, so what does Google mobile look like on an iPhone 6… Take a guess… All Ads…

Google Mobile Search Results are all ads


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