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Google Gains, MySpace Grows, SEO Perspectives

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by Alan Rabinowitz

Google gains more popularity and search market share according to sources at Hitwise:

Data from 2006:
Search Engine – Search Volume – 60.29% – 22.58% – 11.56% – 3.63%
Source – Hitwise

Keep in mind that 10% of the Google’s share is in AOL’s portal. So in reality, it is still a whopping 50% of the industry. As MSN just released its Live Search Revamp, which we spoke about here, We expect with this they will gain some pick up as they offer some nifty features.

Google is still the uncontested mighty giant and the reason you need to still consider it as the main focus for any SEO campaign. It is the powerhouse of all the Search Engines.

One interesting item is that we actually have a client that wanted the campaign for Yahoo and MSN, but not Google, although, after a considerable amount of time and a dramatic increase in their Google rankings, the campaign was well received in its big Google gain over the other competitors.

If you have top Google rankings and fall off of Yahoo and MSN, you may find yourself in a good position with 60% of all online traffic, still more than that of Yahoo and MSN combined. Obviously, if the tables ever turned, we would be targeting client sites for whatever the next most popular search portal becomes. perhaps?

Interestingly enough Hitwise named Myspace as the Most popular website for August 2006.

1. – 4.9%
2. – 4.6%
3. – 4.24%
4. – 3.88%
5. – 2.46%
6. -2.32%
7. – 1.91%
8. – 1.61%
9. – 1.37%
10. – 0.93%
11. – 0.49%
Source – Hitwise

Now that everyone and their next door neighbor has a myspace blog page, we’re in an era where a bit more marketing can push this site into becoming an industry leader. So the future may hold some companies (sorry, we already bought it).


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