Google Has 80% of Worldwide Market Share! Total Domination

Google Search DominanceA report from Hitslink, an analytics firm, states that Google has close to 80% of worldwide search traffic and market share. Those numbers indicate the importance of marketing on Google and should make businesses  consider BOTH SEO and PPC campaigns as viable marketing solutions.

With new search engines popping up and trying to compete, it seems unlikely that anyone could achieve dominance to this extent or even have a shot at competing with the Google Search World (which I now call the Internet).

Many businesses approach us looking to try to avoid the cost of PPC by developing a natural campaign. While we do believe it is extremely important to have a natural online presence, there is much to say for a properly managed advertising and Pay Per Click campaign. Many businesses can run successfully with PPC alone. Gaining a presence in both the natural and paid sectors will offer double the exposure. Cap that with strategic advertising on industry related portals and niche sites, and you can have an effective business.

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One thought on “Google Has 80% of Worldwide Market Share! Total Domination

  1. JBR says:

    By God, they are now up to 82% – and the steady marching trend is relentless:

    Google has become a monster and we now have too much power in the hands of one, if you ask me…

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