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Link Popularity Building through Link Types & Link Quality

Link Quality SEO Ranking Factor
by Alan Rabinowitz

I have written a 3-Part tutorial on the Search Engine Journal where I have been putting up weekly tutorials based on my SEO experience. For those of you who are unaware, I have been working professionally in the SEO industry since the late 90’s. I am very technical and have been a beta tester for Macromedia’s Dreamweaver for 1 1/2 years right up until Adobe purchased it. So when I base something on experience, I can assure you that I am no novice. I do not claim to be a know-it-all either, as a matter of fact, I learn on an almost daily basis.

I also feel that every SEO may have his or her own preferences in campaigns and what is needed can be determined better by a more skilled SEO. As the landscape changes regularly, there are always new methodologies that may be needed. I did touch on the latest methods of link building which are more marketing based than link building based.

Please Read it at:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

So, the tutorial covers multiple aspects of link building by types and gives you some aspects and opinions of the potential that each link type has, as well as link types that are fading or have fading power. All links are NOT treated equal by any algorithm and utilizing multiple link types will make for a superior and well-rounded campaign.

I have stated many times that leaving an SEO campaign to chance is not a good methodology, you must be proactive in a campaign and utilize marketing principles while link building or your links can be rather stale.

I cover Buying Links, Blog Links, Web Directory Links, Earned Links, Social Media Links, Reciprocal Links, .edu and .gov links, Article links, Press Releases, Resource Page Links, Forum Links, Presell Pages and Content Advertising Pages.

I also have utilized some data in Google’s Application for Patent, to prove a few points on link selection and quality factors.

I did not cover “Comment Links” which are links posted in comments of blogs, mainly because it is not part of the SEO campaigns that we produce and they tend to be carrying the nofollow tag like Yahoo! Answers. They also tend to cause spam, and there is already plenty of spam in the blogosphere. I personally feel that comment links carry less weight as they are like “GuestBook” links. Another spammy based link type that I did not cover for obvious reasons, they simply should NOT be used as part of any SEO campaign.


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