Matt Cutt’s Blog Hacked by Dark SEO Team

Google's Webspam Leader - Hacked
April 1, 2007 by Alan Rabinowitz

A French (according to the whois) site called Dark SEO Team at has hacked Matt Cutt’s blog and taken it over.

I expect they will be PR 0’d very soon for this. I would be quite surprised if they are not banned. Personally, I am not for anyone who would go to this effort for any reason. I like Matts Blog and feel that it is a valuable resource for the SEO community. Whether Google likes SEOs or not I believe is based on several factors.

I first assumed that this was an April Fools joke till I saw the Whois info on the French site.

Unless of course, Matt Cutts has left Google to join this team? Maybe Borat will do a NOT joke about this one.

3 thoughts on “Matt Cutt’s Blog Hacked by Dark SEO Team

  1. Alan says:

    Yes, I would not be surprised, but this seems a bit over the edge.

    Its either Matt Cutts’s best example of April Fools linkbait, or a bunch of malicious hackers claiming to have something to do with SEO. The maliciousness of the potential act seems a bit too off the wall, but that would be the best April Fools.

  2. Alan says:

    Here’s a little additional info on a prior attempt of the DarkSEOTeam vs Matt Cutts

    The cached version of the DarkSEOTeam Blog also reveals some additional information.

    Making this more likely a real hack rather than an April Fools Joke.

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