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Search Engine Optimization as Marketing

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by Alan Rabinowitz

In today’s world of online marketing, businesses need to go beyond standard SEO services and embrace the recommendations of modern search engines to seek higher quality SEO strategies. SEO firms that give their clients an added benefit to their service, or offer viral marketing services as an additional package, offer their clients the ability to go viral and use Linkbait and viral marketing methods. Linkbait (a strategy to get webmasters to link to a target website by offering them something) is one method of trying the viral marketing strategies seen by huge Viral successes such as Google, Flickr, Technorati, and All of these sites are popular, and gain their traffic from link popularity or something they offer to their visitors. Google likes people talking about them, like to talk about people, flicker likes people to look and show and technorati is people talking.

In every event here we are seeing humanness around the marketing of these companies. What makes these sites special? They all adhere to human principles, which gives them industry buzz. SEO firms can be a dime a dozen or leaders in the industry by marketing their clients SEO campaigns, so in effect, they start a campaign, that runs on its own towards the end and returns dramatic client successes.

Many businesses are unaware of these methods and generally, do not understand the possibilities their business has to go viral. Viral marketing for SEO’s can be a strategy or multiple strategies to offer Viral link building which is really more marketing and should be handled as such. Getting that viral buzz generally builds a stronger brand or brand buzz.

In 2006, Search Engine Optimization is more about marketing than anything else, more than content, more than links and more than meta tags. Since the dawn of popularity as a factor for ranking sites, there is a lot of truth in viral marketing strategies helping rankings.

If your company wants to go beyond the norm, it needs to think that way and it needs to seek out a team that will be able to help it with its goals via various venues online and getting the viral word of mouth buzz that needs to be nurtured. SEO’s make a valuable part of this team using linkbait, link building, forum buzz, and internet marketing to move an idea into the online eye.


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