Top 10 SEO Conspiracy Theories for 2006

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December 19, 2006 by Alan Rabinowitz

Here’s something that I have been thinking about for the last few months all wrapped up in one post. Keep in mind I tend to be extremely sarcastic, and sometimes things here are not what they appear (this is my disclaimer, proceed at your own risk). I am a little late for April fools, but hope this spreads some holiday cheer… Please comment if you like it, Please send it to a friend. Link to Us if you laugh…

This is the top 10 SEO for 2006 as I see it…

  1. Get a blog, link to whoever is popular, and you will rank well with reciprocal sitewide links.
    Theory Explained: If you own a corporate website, or traditional HTML website, and link to other similar websites you will be creating spam reciprocal links. Call it a Blog Roll and you can link to whoever you want and it will not harm your rankings nor are you creating spam.
  2. Buying Links will hurt your rankings.
    Theory Explained: You can advertise the heck out of your site and you can get penalized if your paying for it. Advertising is not the nature of the internet or businesses that want to grow. Only social bookmark sites are places you should now spam, so please spam these sites with lots of content – like this post.
  3. Blog Post Advertising is acceptable but not in the side bar sponsored links section, however the blog roll is ok.
    Theory Explained: Again, since text links are no longer allowed, how do we get traffic from other sites when all they want is money?
  4. Duplicate Content Does Not Really Harm You, unless you have a footer with too much text about copyright information, one that you put there because everyone stole your content when you did NOT have it.
    Theory Explained: Duplicate Content Does Not Really Harm You, unless you have a footer with too much text about copyright information, one that you put there because everyone stole your content when you did NOT have it.
  5. Subdomains are they way to go.
    Theory Explained: Want to own multiple SERPs pages? Just use subdomains to do the dirty work for you. Type Google into Google and see what you get. On a side note, one major computer manufacturer, in my opinion, has decided that load balancing with 7 www domains that each have a series of additional subdomains is not helping them rank for their brand or products on multiple pages of Google.
  6. SEO experts are full of BS…
    Theory Explained: We are strictly salespeople that sound tech savvy, None of our clients have ever maintained a top 10 position, and none of them have ever continued with us after the first year. As a matter of fact, after you read this were all going to…
  7. Drinking 50 shots of Tequila at the SES NYC hotel bar did not get me one single interview. I gave a speech to someone that night but I have not seen it in print.
    Theory Explained: I am going to pitch this idea to Danny Sullivan so that I can speak at SES NYC 2007 (tequila is optional).
  8. Digg vs Google which one will get you famous?
    Theory Explained: Digg it! More people are becoming famous when they are found on Digg and Technorati.
  9. Pagerank tools are great.
    Theory Explained: This once great gimmick has been devalued since PR no longer means a top ranking, its pointless. Tools that tell us what the PR Toolbars already says are simply brilliant ideas worth linking to. BTW, here’s our PR Tool.
  10. LinkBait is the new SEO.
    Theory Explained: Articles are dead, reciprocals are dead, advertising is dead, what’s left? Everything claimed to be dead is still working for sites in the top 10. Develop you own Top 10 List on SEO and reference this post to prove the theory and spread the word!

That’s my call for top 10 SEO Conspiracy Theories. Please obey the theory explained in #10. Remember to Link To Us if you laughed (that’s out posting linkbait).

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