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Blog-Tag: 5 Things You didn’t know about me – Alan Rabinowitz

Alan Rabinowitz speaking for SEO Image on the BBB Reputation Management Webinar
by Alan Rabinowitz

I’ve been tagged by Mr SEO, in this never ending game that seems to have been started by Jeff Pulver over a week ago (good link bait idea!). This has since made its way through the SEO community. So, here it goes, if you really want to know…

1) I am a second degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo, yet my 5 year old daughter has knocked me down on several occasions, she learned karate from SpongeBob.

2) I can paint your portrait in oil paint and from life, better than 90% of the US population and it still might look just like you!

3) I love to talk SEO, I hold nothing back, if you call me, Be prepared for the long-winded theory and philosophy on everything SEO (Be scared if I just drank a cup of Starbucks). Plus you can also win an exclusive conversation on my 5000 paranoid SEO Conspiracy theories…

4) I am going to steal Mr SEO’s online audio marketing efforts and add a PodCast here because this post is taking me over 30 minutes, and its completely his fault because I type with one finger — Does that count as two things? I may even go beyond that and make it original with a Videocast.

5) Before I started SEO Image, I started SEO Design (still in progress) in 2002. Which I discovered on, is just another copy of SEO Image. Will all the copies ever stop?

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3 thoughts on “Blog-Tag: 5 Things You didn’t know about me – Alan Rabinowitz

  1. mrseo says:

    Alan, you crack me up. 🙂 If you need a Brooklyn accent for that podcast I am available. LOL

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