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I’ve been tagged by Mr SEO, in this never ending game that seems to have been started by Jeff Pulver over a week ago (good link bait idea!). This has since made its way through the SEO community. So, here it goes, if you really want to know…

1) I am a second degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo, yet my 5 year old daughter has knocked me down on several occasions, she learned karate from SpongeBob.

2) I can paint your portrait in oil paint and from life, better than 90% of the US population and it still might look just like you!

3) I love to talk SEO, I hold nothing back, if you call me, Be prepared for the long-winded theory and philosophy on everything SEO (Be scared if I just drank a cup of Starbucks). Plus you can also win an exclusive conversation on my 5000 paranoid SEO Conspiracy theories…

4) I am going to steal Mr SEO’s online audio marketing efforts and add a PodCast here because this post is taking me over 30 minutes, and its completely his fault because I type with one finger — Does that count as two things? I may even go beyond that and make it original with a Videocast.

5) Before I started SEO Image, I started SEO Design (still in progress) in 2002. Which I discovered on, is just another copy of SEO Image. Will all the copies ever stop?

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4 thoughts on “Blog-Tag: 5 Things You didn’t know about me – Alan Rabinowitz

  1. mrseo says:

    Alan, you crack me up. 🙂 If you need a Brooklyn accent for that podcast I am available. LOL

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  3. Steve says:

    Great tag. Maybe you should start watching Sponge Bob?

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