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Google Emphasizes Local Search Results Over Natural Listings

Google Local Search
by Alan Rabinowitz

Another new addition or possibly still in beta program is the Giant Map on local search results that overpower the natural results. Previously we saw regional results smaller with no map, and lately, we have huge maps that now replace the natural top 3 listings, the regional map sticks out like a sore thumb and offers yellow pages, Superpages and Google Local results all mixed up.

So as local users are now taking over the natural search the relevancy of Google results may take a major hit, as the local results that we see are based on spam, notice the 3 above have the same URLs for 3 different listings for the same search term. It looks more like paid advertising rather than natural results.

So why is the search giant offering local results as the top 3 over its natural results? This is something I would love to hear, as the natural results have always been Google’s claim to fame due to its relevancy algorithm.

I do not understand why Google would turn local searches into control of a third party company that has a limited search algorithm in comparison.

One thought on “Google Emphasizes Local Search Results Over Natural Listings

  1. Alan says:

    Looks like Google local fumbles on accuracy again here Coffee houses ranking for “Tutors Los Angeles”.
    This is such a basic ranking algorithm, it does not seem to make sense to use this and overpower the natural results with lesser quality results.
    Google Local

    Just to be clear, we do love Google Local, but its nothing in comparison to the natural search results, and seems more riddled with spam and possibly local advertising.

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