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Google Suggests Yahoo! Answers is the Answer to Top Google Rankings?

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by Alan Rabinowitz

In a recent post on the Official Google Blog, Googler Stefanie, has suggested that answering questions on sites like Yahoo! Answers will get you link popularity acceptable by Google.

Odd that Google would promote a Yahoo! Answer portal after officially announcing the closing of its own Google Answers. This will likely send thousands to become authorities in their industry on the Yahoo portal. Social sites and acceptable Google link building methodologies are the rage of all marketers today.

What Does This Mean For You?
It means that you may have to go out and answer questions to get links that will help your rankings. So if you’re a busy CEO of a company, hire some writers to get your SEO campaign moving. As Google may be changing its ranking algorithm to favor sites listed on Social sites like Digg and rather than peer sites, which have become reciprocal link-based.

This goes back to the user popularity portal called “Direct Hit” which failed in the early 2000’s. So the question here is, did Google miss something? Have their search results been wrong since their inception? Was Direct Hit right but before its time? Well, maybe not, It’s probably not that drastic, but I would bet, there is going to be a benefit from Social sites for one year, then those will be devalued like everything else in time.

A statement like this may mean that Google may be going to unleash a major update that may completely change the world of Search as we know it. It may be the biggest thing we see for a while. Personally, we believe that we will only see small updates in Google that try and pass under the radar and appear to be more data center shifts than Google updates, but we have learned to expect the unexpected.

Another thing to note is that Google has always favored blogs and content in its ranking algorithm as Googler’s are the Blog Generation, or as we would like to term it “Generation Blog.” So being a writer is something Google seems to be suggesting to us. However, when does the content reach a point that you can no longer find anything as everyone is generating and there are only the top 10 results?

Let’s keep an eye out and answer some questions on Yahoo! Answers.

Coming soon…PRWeb Review and Yahoo! Answers Review…

One thought on “Google Suggests Yahoo! Answers is the Answer to Top Google Rankings?

  1. Alan says:

    Interestingly enough, Yahoo Answers adds a nofollow tag to all posts. So there is potential that it may not even pass PageRank.

    So why would Google even suggest this?

    Unless my original statement posted here:
    is correct, nofollow links may PASS PR!

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